Neal's Yard Remedies Autumn 2022

R E J U V E N A T I N G F R A N K I N C E N S E | A L L S K I N T Y P E S *T&C apply 2 1. REJUVENATING FRANKINCENSE REFINING CLEANSER £22 / €25.30 / 100g / 0081 2. REJUVENATING FRANKINCENSE TONER £21 / €24.15 / 200ml / 0305 VEGAN 3. FRANKINCENSE HYDRATING CREAM £32 / €36.80 / 50g / 0716 VEGAN Our Rejuvenating Frankincense collection gives all skin types a hydrating and moisturising boost and contains a blend of restful mandarin, relaxing bergamot and rejuvenating frankincense essential oils. Hydrate & moisturise, whatever your skin type SAVE 15% WHEN YOU BUY THE RITUAL. SPEAK TO YOUR INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT FOR FULL DETAILS* 1 3 Discover the full collection with your Independent Consultant WINNER WINNER