Neal's Yard Remedies Issue 26 Spring/Summer 2022

I S S U E 2 6 | S P R I N G / S UMM E R 2 0 2 2 Harmonize & Balance body and mind

2 Anabel and Barnabas Kindersley Co-owners of Neal’sYard Remedies With spring in the air, it’s the perfect time to refresh, reset and celebrate the beauty of nature. Longer and brighter days are afoot, and we’ve got all the natural and organic health and beauty solutions you’ll need to step into spring with confidence. We’ve not been resting on our laurels whilst waiting for spring though! The early part of this year saw us going back to our roots, with brand-new seasonal wellbeing bundles designed to target specific needs and enhance wellbeing. And this season, we’re celebrating the people and communities with whom we work, sharing a selection of provenance stories and tracing three of our favorite ingredients from seed to bottle.We’re delighted to dedicate our appreciation to collectors, customers and everyone in between, playing an important part in our mission for positive change to people and planet. Wishing you a happy and vibrant spring season, Dear friends, DO GOOD At Neal’s Yard Remedies we use natural and organic ingredients, which are free from harmful chemicals. We test on willing humans and we have never tested on animals. We are dedicated to trading ethically and we always treat people fairly. We are an independent family business and we pay our fair share of tax. FEEL GOOD We campaign for great causes to protect this beautiful planet. We tread lightly on the earth to ensure our environmental footprint is as gentle as can be. LOOK GOOD We do all these things so you can feel good and look good naturally. OUR VALUES

3 CONTENTS SPRING 2022 Natural & organic health & beauty 8. WOMEN'S BALANCE BODY COLLECTION Find your rhythm, naturally 12. WILD ROSE SKINCARE Visibly enhanced radiance 14. SENSITIVE Pure relief for sensitive or stressed skin 16. FRANKINCENSE INTENSE™ Age well, stress less 18. REJUVENATING FRANKINCENSE Hydrate & revive all skin types 19. REHYDRATING ROSE Hydrate & balance normal skin 20. PURIFYING PALMAROSA Beautifully balance oily skin 21. NOURISHING ORANGE FLOWER Moisturize & replenish dry skin 22. REVIVING WHITE TEA Pollution busting skincare 23. FOR MEN Skincare routine for men 24. MOTHER & BABY A gentle start for mother & baby 25. BEE LOVELY Perfect for the whole hive 26. WILD ROSE BODY COLLECTION Radiant skin from head to toe 27. HAIRCARE Discover new lower prices on naturally luscious locks 28. HOME FRAGRANCE Create your sensory haven 29. AROMATHERAPY Enhance your wellbeing 31. THERAPISTS & MASSAGE OILS Calling all therapists 32. DEODORANTS Stay fresh & feel good 33. BATH SALTS Bathroom bliss 34. IN THE BATH For a heavenly soak 27 29 40 NEW 8 12 35. IN THE SHOWER Cleanse & refresh your skin 36. BODY CREAMS & POLISHES Firming & softening body care 37. BODY LOTIONS Indulgent skin softeners 38. HANDS & FEET Keep hands & feet in tip top condition 40. NATURAL DEFENCE At home and on the go 41. GIFTS Feel good gifts 42. JOIN OUR FAMILY Become part of our team NEW

From supporting indigenous communities who harvest our premium ingredients, to using 100% renewable electricity across our business, we act sustainably and ethically to protect this beautiful planet for everyone. Planet friendly beauty We’re ethical We’re the world’s first health and beauty brand to be awarded 100/100 for ethics (in an independent audit by the Ethical Company Organisation) and all of our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced. We’ve also pioneered FairWild® certified ingredients, which ensures sustainable wild harvesting and a fair deal throughout the supply chain. Reducing our packaging impact We’re fond of our blue bottles. We think they look great. The blue pigment protects against sunlight, helping protect and preserve the precious natural ingredients within. We use glass bottles where suitable. Where we do use plastic, all our blue plastic shower, hair, bath and skincare bottles up to 10.14 fl.oz are made from recycled material, with a target for all our packaging to be recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2025. We use paper and card from responsibly managed sources. THE KINDERSLEY FAMILY OWNERS OF NEAL’S YARD REMEDIES 4 OUR ECO FACTORY IN DORSET O R G A N I C P I O N E E R S Why use certified organic skincare? We are pioneers in certified organic health and beauty, having been certified by the Soil Association since 1991. We follow the Precautionary Principle – we maximize our use of pure, natural and organic ingredients, meaning you won't find anything in our products we believe could cause you or the planet harm. We believe in honesty. Every organic ingredient is marked with a single asterisk * and every ingredient from organic origin is marked with a double asterisk **. Look for the Soil Association Organic or COSMOS Organic logo. Never tested on animals Prioritize natural and organic ingredients Only natural colors and fragrances Better for the environment Protects wildlife Contains no genetically modified (GM) ingredients Taking climate action THE FIRST CARBONNEUTRAL® RETAILER In 2008 we became the UK's first high street retailer to be certified CarbonNeutral® having reduced our net carbon emissions to zero. We purchase carbon credits in support of projects that protect biodiversity hotspots and aim to reduce deforestation across the globe. We use 100% renewable electricity across all of our UK sites. We use the highest possible percentage of natural and organic ingredients, free from any unnecessary chemicals, as they're kinder to the earth, and kinder to you. Natural & organic ingredients The US is now shipping products with biodegradable and compostable vegetable starch packing peanuts.

5 E T H I C A L S O U R C I N G ORIGIN: DORSET, ENGLAND Within the acres of organic gardens at our eco factory in Dorset, we grow rows upon rows of golden calendula. Handpicked in the sunshine, the peppery scented flower heads are quickly preserved in our onsite tincture unit to ensure that the beneficial resin that their petals produce is captured at its peak. Over the summer months, we’ll harvest 2-3 times every week, picking over 350 kilos of calendula to produce one tonne of calendula tincture per year. Organic Calendula Calendula officinalis ORIGIN: KENYA From the heart of Zimbabwe, the fruit from the baobab tree is wild-harvested by rural communities before being fairly traded to produce our cold-pressed, certified organic baobab oil, a skin-nourishing ingredient in our Frankincense Intense™ collections. Harvesting baobab has a positive impact on the collectors and their families, with each collector receiving double the minimum wage, greatly increasing their standard of living. Organic Baobab Adansonia digitata ORIGIN: MADAGASCAR One of our key ingredients in our Organic Defence blend, our organic niaouli essential oil is sustainably sourced from the east coast of Madagascar. Local collectors handpick the aromatic leaves of the broad-leaved paperbark trees that thrive in the tropical conditions. These are quickly taken in traditional zebu carts to be steam distilled while still fresh to capture their cleansing aroma. Organic Niaouli Melaleuca viridiflora ORIGIN: BULGARIA We use the essence of Bulgarian damask roses in our Rehydrating Rose collection. They are handpicked in the early morning, kept cool and distilled within hours of being picked to maximize and preserve their benefits and precious aroma. Organic Rose Rosa damascena ORIGIN: SCOTLAND & IRELAND Infused in our much-loved Seaweed & Arnica collection, our organic bladderwrack seaweed is sustainably wild sourced from carefully selected areas along the coasts of Scotland and Ireland. Only healthy, living plants are collected, hand cut and dried within hours at ambient temperature without the use of fossil fuels. Full of vitality, this wonderful mineral-rich seaweed meets the Nutritious Food Seaweed Standard. Organic Seaweed Fucus vesiculosus ORIGIN: MOROCCO Our organic argan oil is produced by the inspirational women’s Tighanimine Cooperative, in the Souss Valley, Morocco. Today, the 60 members of the cooperative work and learn in every area of the business, and together with the Fair Trade Fund, the fair price we pay for their incredible oil gives members the financial independence to help support themselves and their families. Organic Argan Argania spinosa

6 H O S T I N G A W O R K S H O P Why not host a workshop? If you’re passionate about natural, organic and ethical beauty, then why not host an event? Hosting an event is a simple and fun way to spend time with your friends and family. Gather everyone together either virtually or face-to-face, and your Independent Consultant will help you discover new products, enjoy some self-care and have fun along the way! Hosting a workshop means tailored skincare advice, discounted shopping and the opportunity to enjoy special quality time together – all from the comfort of your home. Your Independent Consultant will arrange everything and you can just sit back and relax. If you don't care to host yourself, you can always opt for a consultant-hosted event. • Skincare advice tailored to your skin type • Bespoke product recommendations you'll love • Perfect gift ideas for that special occasion • Demos on how to use your new products • Learn about natural organic ingredients that are ethically sourced and sustainable • Discover how to update your beauty ritual to natural and organic Virtual events Whether your friends are near or far, you can still enjoy an event together. Make sure all the guests are set up with simple video calling software, then enjoy all the same advice, recommendations and fun as a face-to-face event! Face to face events Whether you choose to host an event at your own home or you opt for a consultanthosted event, our face to face workshops are a great way to enjoy some time with friends while getting tailored skincare advice and product recommendations. STEP 1 Speak to your Independent Consultant STEP 2 Choose the date for your workshop STEP 3 Invite your friends to join the fun STEP 4 Provide simple refreshments of your choice* STEP 5 Sit back and enjoy some me-time and self-care How to plan the perfect event Our workshops offer: *For face to face events only

7 H O S T R E WA R D S Our gift to you As a special thank you from us, you'll enjoy free and half-price shopping when you host an event. Just ask your Independent Consultant for details. Earn extra income as an Independent Consultant Become part of a team that believes in you, supports you and helps you lead the life you love. There’s never been a better time to join our family with people just like you... Parents, recent graduates, beauty and holistic therapists, entrepreneurs and party planners. FREE PRODUCTS The higher your workshop sales, the more free shopping you receive. HALF PRICE PRODUCTS The higher your workshop sales, the more half price shopping you receive. MONTHLY OFFERS Ask your Independent Consultant about our exclusive host offers. Guest sales FREE products of your choice Half price products $1000* $180 $180 $900 $160 $160 $800 $140 $140 $700 $120 $120 $600 $100 $100 $500 $80 $80 $400 $60 $60 $300 $40 $40 $200 $30 $30 Enjoy free and half price shopping *Every $200 sales over $1000 gives you $30 more in both free and half price shopping.

8 Restore your balance, no matter what life (and your body) throws at you. Inspired by our best-selling Women’s Balance Aromatherapy Blend, our Women’s Balance Body Collection is expertly formulated to nourish your skin and harmonize body and mind, giving a sense of balance through the body’s natural cycles and rhythms for all ages and life stages. Womens Balance Body Collection 1 2 W O M E N ' S B A L A N C E | B O D Y 1. WOMEN'S BALANCE BODY CREAM $40.00 / 6.76 fl.oz / 1036 2. WOMEN'S BALANCE FOAMING BATH $19.50 / 6.76 fl.oz / 1037

9 4 5 W O M E N ' S B A L A N C E | B O D Y 3 3. WOMEN'S BALANCE SHOWER OIL $26.00 / 6.76 fl.oz / 1035 4. WOMEN'S BALANCE BATH SALTS $19.50 / 12.35 oz / 8567 5. WOMEN'S BALANCE MASSAGE OIL $21.00 / 3.38 fl.oz / 1677

Identify your skin type & perfect collection To get the most out of your skincare, use the below guide to find out which products will give you the best results. You can also discover the best foods to support your skin type from within. 10 K N O W Y O U R S K I N My skin occasionally feels like this I have a shiny T-zone I have no other skin concerns My skin always feels like this Reacts easily Prone to redness Skin characteristics Visible/enlarged pores Looks shiny Feels oily Feels tight Matte appearance Drinks up moisture Barely visible pores Rarely blemished Occasionally feels dry Fine lines and wrinkles Loss of firmness Deep lines and wrinkles Lines and wrinkles Reduced elasticity Lack of tone Dull and lackluster skin

K N O W Y O U R S K I N 11 Use: Rehydrating Rose – p19 Rejuvenating Frankincense – p18 Foods to try: Celery and watermelon Use: Nourishing Orange Flower – p21 Rejuvenating Frankincense – p18 Foods to try: Coconut oil and avocado NORMAL COMBINATION DRY DEHYDRATED OILY SENSITIVE Your skin type Products to try Use: Rehydrating Rose – p19 Foods to try: Cucumber and leafy greens Use: Rehydrating Rose – p19 Rejuvenating Frankincense – p18 Foods to try: Leafy greens, nuts and seeds Use: Purifying Palmarosa – p20 Foods to try: Spirulina and fibre rich wholegrains Use: Certified Organic Sensitive Skincare p14-15 Foods to try: Summer berries and buckwheat FIRST SIGNS OF AGING SECOND SIGNS OF AGING Use: Frankincense Intense™ Age-Defying – p17 Foods to try: Seaweed and tofu Use: Frankincense Intense™ Lift – p17 Foods to try: Kiwi fruit and goji berries ALL SKIN TYPES Use: Wild Rose Skincare p12 Foods to try: Berries, chia and flax seeds, probiotic foods eg kimchi, kombucha

1 3 2 12 Inspired by cult favorite Wild Rose Beauty Balm, our certified organic Wild Rose Skincare collection is a complete beauty ritual to visibly enhance radiance. Formulated with glow-giving organic wild rosehip seed oil and high performance natural and organic ingredients to brighten and nourish, this indulgent collection will reveal your natural glow. Wild Rose Skincare W I L D R O S E | A L L S K I N T Y P E S WINNER WINNER WIN WINNER 1. WILD ROSE BEAUTY SERUM $70.00 / 1.01 fl oz / 2440 2. WILD ROSE EYE BRIGHTENER $24.00 / 0.34fl.oz / 1225 3. WILD ROSE DAY CREAM $40.00 / 1.69fl.oz / 0174 VEGAN

13 4 W I L D R O S E | A L L S K I N T Y P E S 4. WILD ROSE AHA TONER $24.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 0170 VEGAN 5. WILD ROSE BEAUTY BALM $60.00 / 1.76oz / 2362 6. WILD ROSE GLOW FACIAL OIL $36.00 / 1.01fl.oz / 0176 VEGAN 5 6 ADDITIONAL WILD ROSE BODY PRODUCTS ON PAGE 26

1 2 Soothe, calm and hydrate sensitive skin with our dermatologically tested Certified Organic Sensitive Skincare Collection. We know not all sensitive skin is the same, that’s why our fragrance and alcohol-free collection can be mixed and matched to suit your skin type. Whether you’re dealing with dry, sensitive skin and redness, or you’re prone to irritation, take care of delicate skin with our gentle, yet effective collection. Expertly formulated with soothing natural botanicals that work together to support the skin’s natural barrier, sensitive skin is left nourished, comforted and relieved. Pure relief for sensitive or stressed skin 14 1. SENSITIVE SOOTHING CLEANSING MILK $22.00 / 6.25fl.oz / 0789 VEGAN 2. SENSITIVE SOOTHING MOISTURISER $26.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 0787 VEGAN S E N S I T I V E | S O L U T I O N F O C U S E D S K I N C A R E WINNER WINNER *T&C apply

15 1 2 3 TIP Support healthy skin from within with a diet rich in unprocessed plant-based foods, fermented foods and omega oils. 1. SENSITIVE RESTORE + SMOOTH SERUM $40.00 / 1.01fl.oz / 1052 2. SENSITIVE COMFORT + HYDRATE MICELLAR CLEANSER $23.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 1050 3. SENSITIVE REPLENISH + BALANCE MOISTURISER $32.00 / 1.69fl.oz / 1051 S E N S I T I V E | S O L U T I O N F O C U S E D S K I N C A R E SAVE 15% WHEN YOU BUY THE RITUAL. SPEAK TO YOUR INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT FOR FULL DETAILS*

1 Enhance your skin's natural beauty and target the signs of aging with our clinically proven and certified organic Frankincense Intense™ collection. For fine lines and wrinkles, choose Frankincense Intense™ Age-Defying Collection to visibly smooth and plump. For loss of firmness, elasticity and definition, try Frankincense Intense™ Lift Collection to visibly lift and recontour. Age well, stress less 16 2 3 CLINICALLY PROVEN CERTIFIED ORGANIC F R A N K I N C E N S E I N T E N S E ™ C O L L E C T I O N S | A G E W E L L , S T R E S S L E S S WINNER WINNER 1. FRANKINCENSE INTENSE™ CLEANSING MELT $48.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 3548 2. FRANKINCENSE INTENSE™ HYDRATING ESSENCE $54.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 3549 VEGAN 3. FRANKINCENSE INTENSE™ HAND TREATMENT SERUM $45.00 / 1.69fl.oz / 2419 VEGAN

1 2 5 3 6 4 17 F R A N K I N C E N S E I N T E N S E ™ C O L L E C T I O N S | A G E W E L L , S T R E S S L E S S SAVE 15% WHEN YOU BUY THE RITUAL. SPEAK TO YOUR INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT FOR FULL DETAILS* *T&C apply 1. FRANKINCENSE INTENSE™ AGE-DEFYING SERUM $100.00 / 1.01fl.oz / 2417 VEGAN 2. FRANKINCENSE INTENSE™ AGE-DEFYING EYE CREAM $70.00 / 0.53oz / 2430 VEGAN 3. FRANKINCENSE INTENSE™ AGE-DEFYING CREAM $85.00 / 1.76oz / 0701 VEGAN 4. FRANKINCENSE INTENSE™ LIFT SERUM $115.00 / 1.01fl.oz / 2381 VEGAN 5. FRANKINCENSE INTENSE™ LIFT EYE CREAM $85.00 / 0.53oz / 2415 VEGAN 6. FRANKINCENSE INTENSE™ LIFT CREAM $100.00 / 1.76oz / 2384 VEGAN Organic frankincense Boswellia sacra Origin: Oman During harvesting season, around 20 experienced collectors make small cuts in the bark of Boswellia sacra trees releasing the milky sap, which is left to harden in the sun. After about 14 days, the collectors return and slice the resin. These ‘pearls’ are taken to a local distillery where they’re steamed to extract the precious oil. [ i n g r e d i e n t s p o t l i g h t ]

18 R E J U V E N A T I N G F R A N K I N C E N S E | A L L S K I N T Y P E S Our Rejuvenating Frankincense collection gives all skin types a hydrating and moisturizing boost and contains a blend of restful mandarin, relaxing bergamot and rejuvenating frankincense essential oils. Hydrate & moisturize, whatever your skin type SAVE 15% WHEN YOU BUY THE RITUAL. SPEAK TO YOUR INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT FOR FULL DETAILS* *T&C apply WINNER WINNER 2 4 5 3 1 1. REJUVENATING FRANKINCENSE FACIAL OIL $48.00 / 1.01fl.oz / 0785 VEGAN 2. REJUVENATING FRANKINCENSE FACE WASH $26.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 0070 VEGAN 3. REJUVENATING FRANKINCENSE HYDRATING CREAM $45.00 / 1.76oz / 0716 VEGAN 4. REJUVENATING FRANKINCENSE CLEANSER $32.00 / 3.53oz / 0081 VEGAN 5. REJUVENATING FRANKINCENSE TONER $30.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 0305 VEGAN

1 3 2 5 As we age, skin becomes more fragile and our skin becomes more dehydrated. This, coupled with a busy lifestyle can cause skin to become more affected by external factors, such as tiredness, pollution and seasonal changes that can dull its appearance. Switch-up your routine to rehydrate skin for a more luminous complexion. Plus, don't forget to drink plenty of water to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. Balance your skincare with the seasons 19 SAVE 15% WHEN YOU BUY THE RITUAL. SPEAK TO YOUR INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT FOR FULL DETAILS* *T&C apply 4 6 R E H Y D R A T I N G R O S E | N O R M A L S K I N WINNER W 1. ROSE FACIAL WASH $24.50 / 3.38fl.oz / 0046 VEGAN 2. REHYDRATING ROSE DAILY MOISTURE $42.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 0570 VEGAN 3. ROSE FORMULA HYDRATING EYE CREAM $42.00 / 0.34fl.oz / 0557 4. REHYDRATING ROSE FACIAL POLISH $26.00 / 3.53oz / 0048 5. REHYDRATING ROSE TONER $28.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 0314 VEGAN 6. ROSE AND MALLOW MOISTURISER $28.00 / 1.76oz / 0534 7. REHYDRATING ROSE FACIAL OIL $52.00 / 1.01fl.oz / 2346 7

20 It's often tricky to balance oily skin, which can be exacerbated by using the wrong skincare products for your skin type. Oily skin is the result of your body producing an excess amount of sebum (the skin's natural oils), and it's always tempting to use products that will 'dry' these oils out. However, this will trigger your body to amp up its production of sebum to replace the oils you're stripping – making your skin worse. Bring balance back to your skin with a simple cleanse, tone and moisturize routine using products that address your specific skincare concerns. Find a balance P U R I F Y I N G P A L M A R O S A | O I L Y S K I N 3 4 2 1 TIPS FOR CLEAR SKIN Inner health: Support a balanced gut microbiome with probiotics, which contain good gut bacteria, and fermented foods like miso, tempeh and kimchi. Outer beauty: Choose a natural mineral-based make-up rather than a heavy foundation to help prevent blocked pores. TIP SAVE 15% WHEN YOU BUY THE RITUAL. SPEAK TO YOUR INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT FOR FULL DETAILS* *T&C apply, see back page for more details. 1. PURIFYING PALMAROSA FACIAL WASH $23.50 / 3.38fl.oz / 0014 VEGAN 2. PURIFYING PALMAROSA TONER $28.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 0326 VEGAN 3. YARROW & COMFREY MOISTURISER $28.00 / 1.76 oz / 0538 4. PURIFYING PALMAROSA DAILY MOISTURE $42.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 0572 VEGAN 6 5. ALMOND MOISTURISER $28.00 / 1.76oz / 0512 6. CLARIFYING MAHONIA SKIN GEL $26.50 / 0.34fl.oz / 0035 5

Especially for dry skin, our Nourishing Orange Flower collection helps to restore the skin's natural balance leaving it feeling beautifully soft and supple. Our organic neroli, also known as orange flower essential oil, is distilled from the blossom of a Seville orange grove at the foot of the Atlas mountains in Morocco. Naturally nourish dry skin 21 1 4 2 3 N O U R I S H I N G O R A N G E F L O W E R | D R Y S K I N SAVE 15% WHEN YOU BUY THE RITUAL. SPEAK TO YOUR INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT FOR FULL DETAILS* *T&C apply 5 6 WINNER WINN 1. NOURISHING ORANGE FLOWER TONER $28.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 0311 2. ORANGE FLOWER FACIAL WASH $24.50 / 3.38fl.oz / 0042 VEGAN 3. NOURISHING ORANGE FLOWER NIGHT CREAM $44.00 / 1.76oz / 0561 VEGAN 4. ORANGE FLOWER FACIAL OIL $46.50 / 1.01fl.oz / 0552 VEGAN 5. NOURISHING ORANGE FLOWER DAILY MOISTURE $42.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 0569 VEGAN 6. CALENDULA CLEANSER $28.00 / 3.53fl.oz / 0010

R E V I V I N G W H I T E T E A | A L L S K I N T Y P E S With antioxidant-rich white tea to help counteract the effects of pollutants on the skin, our Reviving White Tea collection will leave skin feeling soothed and hydrated from dawn until dusk. Pollution busting skincare 22 POLLUTION BUSTING WHITE TEA Originating from the Camellia sinensis plant, white tea is packed full of flavonoids, which have been reported as having antioxidant and soothing properties, giving white tea its protective effect against environmental pollutants. WINNER WINNER WINNER WINNER 1 2 1. REVIVING WHITE TEA TONING EYE GEL • Cools and soothes • Helps to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness $42.00 / 0.34 fl.oz / PLU 0881 VEGAN 2. REVIVING WHITE TEA FACIAL MIST • Hydrates and soothes • Spritz throughout the day (even over make-up) $21.50 / 1.52 fl.oz / PLU 0880 VEGAN

2 1 3 4 The perfect self-care ritual for men Maintain healthy-looking skin and energize your senses with our For Men collection. There’s no need to revolutionize your routine – keep it simple and under a few minutes. 23 F O R M E N | A L L S K I N T Y P E S WINNER WINNER 1 BATH Add a generous sprinkle of Seaweed & Arnica Bath Salts (p33) to a warm bath, sink in and relax into the mineral-rich and restorative blend of ingredients. 2 CLEANSE Gently cleanse your face and body with our certified organic Purifying Face Wash and Invigorating Hair & Body Wash. 3 SHAVE The heat of the bath softens bristles, making it easier to shave. Exfoliating once a week will help keep skin smooth and prevent ingrown hairs. 4 SOOTHE For post-shave comfort, smooth Cooling Aftershave Balm onto dry skin. If your skin’s delicate, try Sensitive Restore & Smooth Serum (p15), which can be kept in the fridge. 1. PURIFYING FACE WASH $22.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 0448 2. COOLING AFTERSHAVE BALM $26.00 / 1.69fl.oz / 0451 3. INVIGORATING HAIR & BODY WASH $18.50 / 6.76fl.oz / 0452 4. AGE-DEFYING MOISTURISER $39.00 / 1.69fl.oz / 0449

Until our little ones reach the age of two, their delicate skin is up 20-30% thinner than our own, making it ultra-sensitive and prone to dryness. Using extra gentle ingredients without unnecessary chemicals helps to nourish and protect without stripping away the all-important protective barrier that's constantly developing until your child reaches the age of four. Perfect products for precious skin 24 M O T H E R & B A B Y 1 3 2 BEST BUY *Gentle enough for newborns 6lb 10oz+. 1. ORGANIC BABY BODY LOTION* $23.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 1647 2. ORGANIC BABY BALM* $19.50 / 1.76oz / 1655 3. ORGANIC BABY PURE BABY OIL* $12.50 / 1.69fl.oz / 1649 4. BABY BARRIER CREAM* $10.00 / 3.53 oz / 1657 4

25 1 Our naturally nourishing Bee Lovely collection is lovingly crafted with honey, beeswax and propolis and uplifting organic orange essential oil. Every time you choose a Bee Lovely product you're helping to save the bees as a proportion of our sales goes to bee-friendly charities. This year we're supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Just bee-utiful! Let's hear it for the bees 3 4 5 2 6 7 B E E L O V E L Y | F O R T H E W H O L E F A M I L Y OVER 50 MILLION BEES SAVED SO FAR, AND COUNTING! 1. BEE LOVELY HAND CREAM $19.50 / 1.69fl.oz / 2391 2. BEE LOVELY ALL OVER BALM $45.00 / 1.76oz / 2385 3. BEE LOVELY HAND WASH $20.50 / 9.97fl.oz / 2401 4. BEE LOVELY BODY LOTION $38.50 / 9.97fl.oz / 2402 5. BEE LOVELY BATH & SHOWER GEL $27.00 / 9.97fl.oz / 0168 6. BEE LOVELY BODY BUTTER $42.00 / 7.06oz / 2411 7. BEE LOVELY BEAUTIFUL LIPS $16.00 / 0.53oz / 2407 SAVE 15% WHEN YOU BUY THE RITUAL. SPEAK TO YOUR INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT FOR FULL DETAILS* *T&C apply

26 W I L D R O S E | B O D Y 2 1 3 5 4 6 1 EXFOLIATE Once in the shower, massage Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish (page 19) and Wild Rose Body Polish onto your face and body then rinse away. Wild Rose ritual Get your glow with our step-by-step guide for an at-home pamper Enhance your radiance naturally with our Wild Rose Body collection. Formulated with organic wild rosehip seed oil and a balancing blend of organic geranium and patchouli essential oils, this beautifully fragranced and luxurious collection will intensely nourish and enhance your skin’s radiance, for a natural glow. Get your glow from top to toe 5 TREATMENT Remove the Wild Rose Beauty Balm (page 13) with a damp muslin cloth, and massage 2-3 pumps of Wild Rose Beauty Serum (page 12) for a targeted radiance boost to finish. 4 MOISTURIZE Massage Wild Rose Body Lotion or Wild Rose Dry Body Oil into the skin on your body using upward stroking motions. 3 MASK Once out of the shower, pat your skin dry and smooth Wild Rose Beauty Balm (page 13) onto your face, avoiding your eye area. 2 HEAD-TO-TOE HYDRATION Apply Wild Rose Shower Oil to wet skin and massage until the oil transforms into a creamy lather. 1. WILD ROSE SOAP $8.50 / 3.53oz / 1033 VEGAN 2. WILD ROSE BODY POLISH $29.50 / 5.29oz / 0884 VEGAN 3. WILD ROSE SHOWER OIL $26.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 0796 VEGAN 4.WILD ROSE BODY LOTION $29.50 / 6.76fl.oz / 0842 VEGAN 5. WILD ROSE DRY BODY OIL $45.50 / 3.38fl.oz / 0886 VEGAN 6. WILD ROSE HAND CREAM $15.00 / 1.69fl.oz / 2370 Our soap cartons have been updated with a new plastic-free, plant-based protective lining meaning we no longer use any plastic packaging for our soaps. For best results follow with our Wild Rose Skincare Collection

H A I R C A R E Our herbal shampoos and conditioners are created to work together to give your hair beautiful bounce, body and shine. Enjoy naturally lustrous locks NEW LOWER PRICE 1 4 3 2 5 6 1. NURTURING ROSE SHAMPOO $10.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 0828 VEGAN 2. NURTURING ROSE CONDITIONER $10.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 0868 VEGAN 3. ROSEMARY & CEDARWOOD HAIR TREATMENT $15.00 / 1.76 oz / 0898 4. ORGANIC ARGAN OIL $28.00 / 1.69fl.oz / 1564 5. REVITALISING ORANGE SHAMPOO $10.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 0826 VEGAN 6. REVITALISING ORANGE CONDITIONER $10.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 0866 VEGAN 27

Enjoy an enhanced sense of wellbeing with our beautiful collection of candles, room sprays and diffusers to create your perfect ambience, naturally. These natural blends of organic essential oils are the perfect way to transform your home, with expertly blended aromas to balance, calm or uplift. Create your sensory haven 28 UPLIFTING REED DIFFUSER $48.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 6880 CALMING REED DIFFUSER $48.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 6881 BALANCING REED DIFFUSER $48.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 6882 BALANCING ROOM SPRAY $32.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 6890 CALMING ROOM SPRAY $32.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 6891 UPLIFTING ROOM SPRAY $32.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 6892 BALANCING CANDLE $44.00 / 6.70oz / 6886 CALMING CANDLE $44.00 / 6.70oz / 6887 UPLIFTING AROMATHERAPY CANDLE $44.00 / 6.70oz / 6885 BALANCING With grounding organic bergamot and relaxing patchouli essential oils CALMING With comforting organic geranium and soothing rose essential oils UPLIFTING energizing organic grapefruit and revitalizing petitgrain essential oils H O M E F R A G R A N C E

29 Extracted from natural, wild harvested and organically grown flowers, leaves, bark, and berries, our 100% pure essential oils can help to uplift, revive and relax you. Support your wellbeing with aromatherapy 1 2 3 4 5 6 1. ESTA AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER $70.00 / 9390 2. GINGER ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL $22.50 / 0.34fl.oz / 2204 3. PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL $14.00 / 0.34fl.oz / 2172 4. EUCALYTUS ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL $12.00 / 0.34fl.oz / 2180 5. GERANIUM ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL $22.00 / 0.34fl.oz / 2258 6. LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL $15.50 / 0.34fl.oz / 2032 A R O M A T H E R A P Y | E S S E N T I A L O I L S Discover the full collection in the side bar or with your Independent Consultant

30 Expertly blended by our talented team of aromatherapists from pure, wild-harvested and organic essential oils, our blends are the perfect addition to your diffuser to create an aromatherapeutic sanctuary, wherever you are. Enhance your wellbeing 1 2 5 3 4 Discover the full collection in the side bar or ask your Independent Consultant 6 1. WHITE AROMATHERAPY ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER • Creates a beautifully scented humidifying mist • Color changing lights $55.00 / H 4.2" x W 7.1" / PLU 8506 2. GOODNIGHT PILLOW MIST $24.00 / 1.52 fl.oz / 0356 3. AROMATHERAPY BLEND OPTIMISM $24.50 / 0.34fl.oz / 2712 4. AROMATHERAPY BLEND FOCUS $21.00 / 0.34fl.oz / 2709 5. WOMEN'S BALANCE REMEDIES TO ROLL $17.00 / 0.30fl.oz / 2748 6. MEDITATION REMEDIES TO ROLL $17.00 / 0.30fl.oz / 2749 A R O M A T H E R A P Y | E S S E N T I A L O I L B L E N D S

If you’re a therapist or holistic practitioner, why not expand your customer base and grow your range of products with a trusted health and beauty brand? If you love our natural and organic products, join us to receive 25% off and earn money selling products you’re passionate about. Calling all therapists 1. ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL $24.00 / 1.69fl.oz / 1531 2. ORGANIC ALMOND OIL $16.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 1520 3. DETOX TONING OIL $25.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 1401 4. SOOTHING MASSAGE OIL $21.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 1312 5. AROMATIC MASSAGE OIL $21.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 1301 6. GRAPESEED OIL $11.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 1516 1 Our Independent Consultants enjoy: • Low start-up costs • No minimum orders • Free training and support • Products to suit all clients and treatments 3 4 5 6 NOURISHING MASSAGE AND BASE OILS Whether you prefer to use one of our pre-blended massage oils, infused with essential oils, or add your own to one of our fragrance-free base oils, we have a range of oils to create a unique aromatherapy blend to suit all massage needs. We are pioneers in certified organic health and beauty, having been certified by the Soil Association since 1991. Be part of our award-winning natural and organic health and beauty global movement, with more than 300 outlets in 22 countries - and growing. T H E R A P I S T S & M A S S A G E O I L S 31 2

S T A Y F R E S H & F R A G R A N T 32 1. LAVENDER & ALOE VERA DEODORANT† • Ideal for sensitive skin • With cooling, soothing aloe vera $13.50 / 3.38 fl.oz / PLU 0676 VEGAN 2. LEMON & CORIANDER DEODORANT† • Refreshing and cleansing • Zesty, unisex aroma $13.50 / 3.38 fl.oz / PLU 0677 VEGAN 3. PEPPERMINT & LIME ROLL ON DEODORANT • Fresh and invigorating scent $12.80 / 1.69 fl.oz / PLU 2369 VEGAN 4. ROSE & GERANIUM ROLL ON DEODORANT • Beautiful floral scent $12.80 / 1.69 fl.oz / PLU 2368 VEGAN Our natural deodorants and skincare must-haves are perfect on the go. Look & feel fresh 2 1 5 6 5. ORGANIC EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER • Oil-free cleanser that gently removes even waterproof make-up $18.00 / 3.38 fl.oz / PLU 1799 VEGAN 6. SHEA NUT & ROSEHIP ORGANIC LIP FORMULA • Keeps lips soft and smooth • With replenishing organic shea butter and rosehip oil $10.00 / 0.16 oz / PLU 0554 VEGAN 7. OIL FREE HYDRATING FACIAL SERUM • Use alone or under make-up • Helps keep shine away $48.00 / 1.01 fl.oz / PLU 0094 VEGAN 4 3 7 †Based on regulations for air freight we are not able to ship this item to Hawaii, Alaska and APO’s

Bathroom bliss Discover our restorative mineral-rich bath salts for a beautifully relaxing, soothing or revitalizing bath. 1. LAVENDER BATH SALTS $19.50 / 12.35oz / 3615 2. AROMATIC BATH SALTS $19.50 / 12.35oz / 8555 3. SEAWEED & ARNICA BATH SALTS $19.50 / 12.35oz / 8566 1 2 3 B A T H S A L T S & S O A P S 33

1 3 4 Calm your mind and ease weary limbs with a deeply relaxing soak, infused with our bath oils and foaming baths. With pure aromatherapy essential oils, they’ll make your bathroom a sanctuary of relaxation. Soak, relax & unwind Discover the full collection in the side bar or with your Independent Consultant 1. SEAWEED & ARNICA FOAMING BATH $19.50 / 6.76fl.oz / 0120 VEGAN 2. SOOTHING BATH OIL $20.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 0912 I N T H E B A T H 34 3. AROMATIC FOAMING BATH $19.50 / 6.76fl.oz / 0902 VEGAN 4. ROSE & POMEGRANATE FOAMING BATH $19.50 / 6.76fl.oz / 1004 2

Cleanse and refresh your skin with the beautiful botanicals in our shower gels and creams, which uplift as well as purify. Invigorate your senses 1 2 3 4 1. ROSEMARY & ELDERFLOWER SHOWER GEL $20.50 / 6.76fl.oz / 0116 VEGAN 2. SEAWEED & ARNICA SHOWER GEL $20.50 / 6.76fl.oz / 1000 3. FRANKINCENSE & MANDARIN SHOWER CREAM $20.50 / 6.76fl.oz / 0976 VEGAN 4. AROMATIC SHOWER GEL $22.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 4914 I N T H E S H O W E R 35 5 5. CREATE YOUR OWN HAIR & BODY WASH $8.50 / 8.45fl.oz / 7099

1 2 3 4 Target dimpled and rough skin with our firming and softening body care. With natural exfoliants – never using plastic microbeads – and skin conditioning ingredients. Define & smooth LOOK FOR THE ZERO We’ve never used harmful plastic microbeads in any of our products. This logo signifies that a company uses zero plastic ingredients – find out more at 79% OF USERS SAY IT VISIBLY IMPROVES SKIN’S TEXTURE* *Based on a consumer trial with 59 women after 4 weeks 1. GERANIUM & ORANGE BODY BALM $50.00 / 7.06 oz / 0656 VEGAN 2. FIRMING BODY CREAM $38.00 / 5.07fl.oz / 0679 VEGAN 3. ROSE & GERANIUM BODY POLISH $29.50 / 5.29oz / 0994 VEGAN 4. FRANKINCENSE TONING BODY CREAM $48.00 / 5.29 oz / 0654 B O D Y S C R U B S & P O L I S H E S 36

37 1. CALENDULA & OAT LOTION • Gentle, lightweight lotion • Perfect for dry and sensitive skin $32.00 / 6.76 fl.oz / PLU 0644 VEGAN Soften, smooth and pamper your skin with our beautifully aromatic, luxurious butters, creams and lotions. Indulgent skin softeners 2 1 3 4. CREATE YOUR OWN FACE & BODY LOTION • AllergyCertified when used on its own • Add your own essential oils for a bespoke blend $10.50 / 8.45 fl.oz / PLU 7095 VEGAN 4 3. GERANIUM & ORANGE BODY LOTION • Light and quickly absorbed • With uplifting organic essential oils $29.50 / 6.76 fl.oz / PLU 0659 VEGAN 2. AROMATIC BODY LOTION • Moisturizes with nourishing pumpkin seed and olive oil • With organic balancing geranium and relaxing lavender essential oils $34.00 / 6.76 fl.oz / PLU 2416 VEGAN B O D Y L O T I O N S

H A N D S & F E E T 38 1. MELISSA HAND CREAM • With skin softening mallow extract • Scents hands with the zesty aroma of melissa (lemon balm) $19.00 / 1.01 fl.oz / PLU 0640 VEGAN 2. WILD ROSE HAND CREAM • Nourishes and softens • Balancing floral scent $15.00 / 1.69 fl.oz / PLU 2370 VEGAN 3. CITRUS HAND SOFTENER • Intensely nourishing for hardworking hands • With zesty organic grapefruit, lemon and orange essential oils $21.00 / 1.76 oz / PLU 0674 VEGAN Whether you want to soften hardworking, weather-worn hands or reveal perfectly polished feet, we’ve got everything you need to keep them in tip top condition. Beautifully soft hands & feet 1 3 2 4 5 6 4. NOURISHING MELISSA HAND POLISH • Smooths and revitalises with rosehip seed powder • Refreshes with the zesty aroma of melissa $23.00 / 3.53 oz / PLU 0637 VEGAN 5. GARDEN MINT & BERGAMOT HAND CREAM • Invigorating aroma of garden mint • With skin conditioning jojoba and evening primrose oil $15.00 / 1.69 fl.oz / PLU 2303 6. GERANIUM & ORANGE HAND CREAM • Nourishes and moisturises • With uplifting essential oils $15.00 / 1.69 fl.oz / PLU 2301

H A N D S & F E E T 39 7 8 9 12 10 11 7. GERANIUM & ORANGE HAND WASH • Gently cleansing and purifying • Uplifting and balancing scent $15.50 / 6.76 fl.oz / PLU 0185 VEGAN 8. GERANIUM & ORANGE HAND LOTION • Lightweight, aromatic moisturizer • Softens and protects hands and nails $19.00 / 6.76 fl.oz / PLU 0685 VEGAN 9. CITRUS HAND LOTION • Easily absorbed, lightweight lotion • Uplifting and invigorating aroma $19.00 / 6.76 fl.oz / PLU 0696 VEGAN 10. CITRUS HAND WASH • Perfect for hardworking hands • With zesty organic grapefruit, lemon and orange essential oils $15.50 / 6.76 fl.oz / PLU 0171 VEGAN 11. GARDEN MINT & BERGAMOT HAND WASH • With fresh and minty botanicals • Gently cleansing and non-drying $15.50 / 6.76 fl.oz / PLU 0193 VEGAN 12. COMFREY & MALLOW FOOT BALM • With softening and soothing comfrey • A revitalizing overnight treat $21.00 / 1.76 oz / PLU 0612 VEGAN

4 5 Natural defence for the whole family Inspired by our best-selling Organic Defence Aromatherapy Blend, our cleansing collection of sprays, soaps, washes and creams has been specially created with you in mind. Expertly formulated with a purifying blend of organic niaouli, lemongrass and witch hazel, they're the perfect hygiene heroes for you, your family - and your pocket. 1 2 3 1. DEFEND AND PROTECT HAND WASH $9.50 / 6.25fl.oz / 1080 2. DEFEND AND PROTECT HAND LOTION $10.50 / 6.25fl.oz / 1090 3. NATURAL DEFENCE HAND RUB $5.00 / 1.35fl.oz / 1094 4. DEFEND AND PROTECT HAND CREAM $8.00 / 1.69fl.oz / 1101 5. DEFEND AND PROTECT BODY WASH $12.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 1085 40 N A T U R A L D E F E N C E F O R T H E W H O L E F A M I L Y

G I F T S 41 1 Proof that the best things often come in small packages – spread joy with our beautiful gift collections. Each gift is crafted using natural and organic herbs, botanicals and essential oils for a truly indulgent gifting treat. Feel good gifts 3 2 Discover our full gifting collection with your Independent Consultant. 3. SOOTHING AROMATIC COLLECTION Soothe your senses and condition your skin with this beautiful bath and body set. • Aromatic Foaming Bath (3.38 fl.oz) • Aromatic Body Butter (3.53 oz) $34.00 / PLU 8560 1. NURTURING HAND CREAM COLLECTION The perfect gift for hardworking hands, this collection nurtures and delicately scents skin. • Bee Lovely Hand Cream (1.01fl.oz.) • Wild Rose Hand Cream (1.01fl.oz.) • Geranium & Orange Hand Cream (1.01fl.oz.) $34.00 / PLU 7760 2. BEE LOVELY NOURISHING COLLECTION Give your family the gift of beautifully scented, soft skin with this naturally nourishing, bee-friendly collection. • Bee Lovely All Over Balm 0.53 oz • Bee Lovely Hand Cream 1.69 fl.oz • Bee Lovely Bath & Shower Gel 1.69 fl.oz • Bee Lovely Body Lotion 1.69 fl.oz $45.50 / PLU 2428

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