Neal's Yard Remedies Issue 26 Spring/Summer 2022

20 It's often tricky to balance oily skin, which can be exacerbated by using the wrong skincare products for your skin type. Oily skin is the result of your body producing an excess amount of sebum (the skin's natural oils), and it's always tempting to use products that will 'dry' these oils out. However, this will trigger your body to amp up its production of sebum to replace the oils you're stripping – making your skin worse. Bring balance back to your skin with a simple cleanse, tone and moisturize routine using products that address your specific skincare concerns. Find a balance P U R I F Y I N G P A L M A R O S A | O I L Y S K I N 3 4 2 1 TIPS FOR CLEAR SKIN Inner health: Support a balanced gut microbiome with probiotics, which contain good gut bacteria, and fermented foods like miso, tempeh and kimchi. Outer beauty: Choose a natural mineral-based make-up rather than a heavy foundation to help prevent blocked pores. TIP SAVE 15% WHEN YOU BUY THE RITUAL. SPEAK TO YOUR INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT FOR FULL DETAILS* *T&C apply, see back page for more details. 1. PURIFYING PALMAROSA FACIAL WASH $23.50 / 3.38fl.oz / 0014 VEGAN 2. PURIFYING PALMAROSA TONER $28.00 / 6.76fl.oz / 0326 VEGAN 3. YARROW & COMFREY MOISTURISER $28.00 / 1.76 oz / 0538 4. PURIFYING PALMAROSA DAILY MOISTURE $42.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 0572 VEGAN 6 5. ALMOND MOISTURISER $28.00 / 1.76oz / 0512 6. CLARIFYING MAHONIA SKIN GEL $26.50 / 0.34fl.oz / 0035 5