Neal's Yard Remedies Spring Summer 2021

The perfect self-care ritual for men 2 1 20 3 4 1 BATH Add a generous sprinkle of Seaweed & Arnica Bath Salts to a warm bath, sink in and relax into the mineral-rich and restorative blend of ingredients. 2 CLEANSE Gently cleanse your face and body with our certified organic Purifying Face Wash and Invigorating Hair & Body Wash . 3 SHAVE The heat of the bath softens bristles, making it easier to shave. Exfoliating once a week will help keep skin smooth and prevent ingrown hairs. 4 SOOTHE For post-shave comfort, smooth Cooling Aftershave Balm onto dry skin. If your skin’s delicate, try S ensitive Restore & Smooth Serum (p27), which can be kept in the fridge. Maintain healthy-looking skin and energise your senses with our For Men collection . There’s no need to revolutionise your routine – keep it simple and under a few minutes. 1. PURIFYING FACE WASH $26.50 / 3.38fl.oz / 0448 2. COOLING AFTERSHAVE BALM $35 / 1.69fl.oz / 0451 3. INVIGORATING HAIR & BODY WASH $24 / 6.76fl.oz / 0452 4. AGE-DEFYING MOISTURISER $54.40 / 1.69fl.oz / 0449 F O R M E N | A L L S K I N T Y P E S