Neal's Yard Remedies Spring Summer 2021

22 As the weather begins to warm up, it's tricky to know if your skin is dry (lacking in oil) or dehydrated (lacking in water). If your skin is dry, it will respond best to deeply moisturising products, such as our Nourishing Orange Flower collection . If your skin is dehydrated, it will respond well to lighter formulas, like our Rehydrating Rose collection (page 24). Naturally nourish dry skin 2 1 1. NOURISHING ORANGE FLOWER NIGHT CREAM $44 / 1.76oz / 0561 2. NOURISHING ORANGE FLOWER TONER $28 / 6.76fl.oz / 0311 3. ORANGE FLOWER FACIAL OIL $46.50 / 1.01fl.oz / 0552 4. ORANGE FLOWER FACIAL WASH $24.50 / 3.38fl.oz / 0042 5. NOURISHING ORANGE FLOWER DAILY MOISTURE $42 / 3.38fl.oz / 0569 Organic orange flower Citrus aurantium Origin: Morocco Sourced from Morocco our orange flower essential oil – also known as neroli - is distilled from the blossom of a single Seville orange grove at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Harvested by a team of 40 local women, the blossom is handpicked in the morning and dropped onto mats for collection, before being expertly distilled the same afternoon, ensuring consistently high-quality oil. [ i n g r e d i e n t s p o t l i g h t ] N O U R I S H I N G O R A N G E F L O W E R | D R Y S K I N