Neal's Yard Remedies Spring Summer 2021

35 J O I N U S CREATE YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY "I have always been passionate about Organic Skincare, and as an Esthetician, I was constantly searching for the cleanest ingredients that actually worked. From the moment I tried the White Tea Mist I was hooked! Not only did my skin feel hydrated and protected from the effects of pollutants, but I also felt calm and relaxed from the white tea aromatherapy. I knew this line was exactly what I had been searching for. When I first joined NYR Organic in 2012, I was so excited, and I shared the products with everyone. I attended vendor events, hosted parties, and shared the products with my clients, and before I knew it, I had a team of over 200 consultants. The key is to always be consistent and never give up. I am grateful that I found NYR Organic because it gives me the flexibility to work when I want to, and to help others achieve their goals." DENISE AGNEW, GROUP LEADER "Neal’s Yard Remedies is a company that I have followed since their London beginnings, which is where I originally come from. As a teenager, I would walk through Covent Garden, fascinated with the little apothecary that popped up in Neal's Yard. I would go in that shop, breathe in the amazing aromas, and just fell in love with the simplicity of their blue bottles and natural and organic solutions. Now I live in the US, and it is me sharing our natural and organic ingredients in these incredible blue bottles! Aside from my NYR Organic business, I work as a health coach and own and operate a yoga studio. This past year has certainly been a challenge, but after some reflection, I got really clear on WHY I love NYR Organic. I am so passionate about Neal’s Yard Remedies products because I know I can help people improve their quality of life, health, and wellbeing. I know I have the products to share with people to help them feel and look their best. I am grateful for my NYR Organic business because it has allowed me to further my knowledge in health and wellbeing while also connecting me with others who share the same belief that outer beauty and inner health should be in perfect balance." CLAIRE COPERSINO, TEAM LEADER We believe in making a difference Come and join us. We are looking for people just like you to be part of our team of Independent Consultants sharing our organic message.