Neal's Yard Remedies Spring Summer 2021

ORIGIN: UGANDA The lush, organic palmarosa grass that is distilled and used in our Purifying Palmarosa collection is harvested by hand near the town of Tororo in Uganda. The distillation site was created with sustainability in mind and uses solar panels and recycled agricultural waste for fuel. ORGANIC PALMAROSA Cymbopogon martini ORIGIN: KENYA From the heart of Zimbabwe, the fruit from the baobab tree is wild-harvested by rural communities before being fairly traded to produce our cold-pressed, certified organic baobab oil, a skin-nourishing ingredient in our Frankincense Intense™ collections . Harvesting baobab has a positive impact on the collectors and their families, with each collector receiving double the minimum wage, greatly increasing their standard of living. ORGANIC BAOBAB Adansonia digitata ORIGIN: MADAGASCAR One of the key ingredients in our Organic Defence blend, our organic niaouli essential oil is sustainably sourced from the east coast of Madagascar. Local collectors handpick the aromatic leaves of the broad-leaved paperbark trees that thrive in the tropical conditions. These are quickly taken in traditional zebu carts to be steam distilled while still fresh to capture their cleansing aroma. ORGANIC NIAOULI Melaleuca viridiflora ORIGIN: BULGARIA We use the essence of Bulgarian damask roses in our Rehydrating Rose collection . They are handpicked in the early morning, kept cool and distilled within hours of being picked to maximise and preserve their benefits and precious aroma. ORGANIC ROSE Rosa damascena ORIGIN: SCOTLAND & IRELAND Infused in our much-loved Seaweed & Arnica collection , our organic bladderwrack seaweed is sustainably wild sourced from carefully selected areas along the coasts of Scotland and Ireland. Only healthy, living plants are collected, hand cut and dried within hours at ambient temperature without the use of fossil fuels. Full of vitality, this wonderful mineral-rich seaweed meets the Nutritious Food Seaweed Standard. ORGANIC SEAWEED Fucus vesiculosus ORIGIN: MOROCCO Our organic argan oil is produced by the inspirational women’s Tighanimine Cooperative, in the Souss Valley, Morocco. Today, the 60 members of the cooperative work and learn in every area of the business, and together with the Fair Trade Fund, the fair price we pay for their incredible oil gives members the financial independence to help support themselves and their families. ORGANIC ARGAN Argania spinosa 7 E T H I C A L S O U R C I N G