Neal's Yard Remedies Issue 26 Spring/Summer 2022

If you’re a therapist or holistic practitioner, why not expand your customer base and grow your range of products with a trusted health and beauty brand? If you love our natural and organic products, join us to receive 25% off and earn money selling products you’re passionate about. Calling all therapists 1. ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL $24.00 / 1.69fl.oz / 1531 2. ORGANIC ALMOND OIL $16.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 1520 3. DETOX TONING OIL $25.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 1401 4. SOOTHING MASSAGE OIL $21.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 1312 5. AROMATIC MASSAGE OIL $21.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 1301 6. GRAPESEED OIL $11.00 / 3.38fl.oz / 1516 1 Our Independent Consultants enjoy: • Low start-up costs • No minimum orders • Free training and support • Products to suit all clients and treatments 3 4 5 6 NOURISHING MASSAGE AND BASE OILS Whether you prefer to use one of our pre-blended massage oils, infused with essential oils, or add your own to one of our fragrance-free base oils, we have a range of oils to create a unique aromatherapy blend to suit all massage needs. We are pioneers in certified organic health and beauty, having been certified by the Soil Association since 1991. Be part of our award-winning natural and organic health and beauty global movement, with more than 300 outlets in 22 countries - and growing. T H E R A P I S T S & M A S S A G E O I L S 31 2